Ernest Maier pioneering concrete sustainability
with its Bay Ready Mix of Maryland Concrete Division


Ernest Maier pioneering concrete sustainability with its Bay Ready Mix of Maryland Concrete Division

Bay Ready Mix of Maryland CarbonCure

Baltimore, MD - When 23-year old Brendan Quinn took over the family business as interim-CEO of Ernest Maier in 1995, few people would have predicted that he could save a concrete block manufacturing company on the brink of bankruptcy. Fast-forward twenty years to present day, and not only is Ernest Maier a highly successful building solutions provider, but it is leading the charge to bring sustainable innovations to the forefront of the concrete industry.

"I'm passionate about concrete," says Quinn. "It is the backbone of our society-the foundation on which our cities have been built. Our industry now has the opportunity to become more sustainable and I'm beyond excited to pioneer this movement."

Ernest Maier and its Bay Ready Mix of Maryland Division is the world's first concrete manufacturer to offer both concrete masonry and ready mixed concrete made with CarbonCure's carbon dioxide (CO2) recycling technology. The CarbonCure technology recycles CO2 from the smokestacks of industrial emitters into concrete products, where it becomes chemically converted into a mineral and permanently captured within the concrete.

CarbonCure installed its technology in Ernest Maier's Bladensburg, MD concrete masonry production plant in August 2014. Since then, Ernest Maier has supplied multiple building developments with concrete masonry units made with recycled CO2, including most notably the $800-million MGM National Harbor Resort.

In June 2015, Ernest Maier began its foray into ready mixed concrete by announcing the acquisition of Bay Ready Mix of Maryland. The decision to partner once again with CarbonCure to install the CarbonCure Ready Mixed Technology in the Bay Ready Mix of Maryland facility, was according to Quinn, "a no-brainer."

CarbonCure, which has been available for the concrete masonry industry since 2012, announced the launch of its ready mixed application last week with Vulcan Materials, one of the nation's largest producers of construction materials. Vulcan ready mixed concrete made with the CarbonCure technology will be available in Washington, DC, while Bay Ready Mix of Maryland serves the neighbouring Baltimore, MD region. Ernest Maier concrete masonry units made with CarbonCure are available in both markets.

"The CarbonCure technology and its sustainable attributes exceeded our expectations in masonry," says Quinn. "I have no doubt that this technology is the future of concrete."

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About CarbonCure Technologies Inc.
CarbonCure is leading an initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry. Its technology chemically repurposes waste carbon dioxide during the concrete manufacturing process. The company also provides reporting tools such as Environmental and Health Product Declarations for products made with CarbonCure. Through collaboration with leading designers, the company and its partners are supplying a scalable solution to address the growing demand for green building materials. CarbonCure concrete is available through concrete manufacturers across North America.

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