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Ernest Maier is happy to provide homeowners with materials for their residential projects. We carry a variety of materials to enhance the appearance and value of your property, installed by contractors or DIY's.

Find a Contractor

Feel free to call us to discuss your project, materials and installation, or just stop in our Company Store to view/touch materials and make a purchase. Our experts are always ready to help you choose the right product. We are also happy to help you find the right contractor for your indoor or outdoor project. Contact us today and we can help you get your project started.

Architects & Designers

Ernest Maier works with multiple AIA/CES Registered Education Providers and would be happy to arrange presentations or brown bag lunches for architects, engineers and designers in order to review the capabilities of our products.

Please Contact us if you have questions about our products and services, or to arrange a meeting.


Ernest Maier is a full service masonry supply house that caters to professional masonry contractors of commercial, industrial and residential construction. Our goal is to develop lasting relationships with area contractors so we can anticipate their needs.

We ensure a broad and deep product inventory, and deliver product directly to job sites on time, at reasonable rates.

Our sales team will work with contractors to choose the right product for the job based on their plans and budget. Contact us today to speak with a sales rep and get your project started on the right foot.